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  • Agnes Tully
  • Journal of psychiatric and mental health nursing
  • 2004
This study measured levels of distress, sources of stress and ways of coping of a convenience sample of psychiatric nursing students (n = 35). Instruments used were the 30-item General Health Questionnaire, the Jones and Johnson (1997) Student Nurse Stress Index, Parkes (1985) Ways of Coping Questionnaire and a demographic questionnaire. Findings revealed(More)
Perception of the birth experience was examined in a sample of 106 women who had unplanned cesarean deliveries, 113 who had planned cesarean deliveries, and 254 who had vaginal deliveries. Vaginally delivered women had more positive perceptions than their unplanned cesarean counterparts (p < .001). There were no differences in perceptions between the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of a structured education pulmonary rehabilitation programme on the health status of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). DESIGN Two-arm, cluster randomised controlled trial. SETTING 32 general practices in the Republic of Ireland. PARTICIPANTS 350 participants with a diagnosis of moderate(More)
The aim of the PRINCE study was to determine the effectiveness of a structured education pulmonary rehabilitation programme for those living with COPD in primary care in Ireland. This qualitative element of the larger PRINCE trial aims to describe the constituents of 'usual care' for patients allocated to the control arm of the study. A descriptive(More)
e investigated the effects of classroom separation on twins' behavior, progress at school, and reading abilities. This investigation was part of a longitudinal study of a nationally-representative sample of twins (the E-risk Study) who were assessed at the start of school (age 5) and followed up (age 7). We examined three groups of twins: pairs who were in(More)
BACKGROUND Recent policy and service provision recommends a woman-centred approach to maternity care. Midwife-led models of care are seen as one important strategy for enhancing women's choice; a core element of woman-centred care. In the Republic of Ireland, an obstetric consultant-led, midwife-managed service model currently predominates and there is(More)
The effects of cesarean birth information given in childbirth preparation classes on maternal postpartum reactions to unplanned cesarean delivery were examined. An experimental group received comprehensive cesarean birth information as part of standard childbirth preparation classes. The control group received a standard childbirth preparation class(More)
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