Agnes Nonye Anarado

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BACKGROUND The use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) by cancer patients is very common and varies between populations. The referenced English literature has no local study from Africa on this subject. This study was conducted to define the prevalence, pattern of use, and factors influencing the use of CAM by cancer patients at the University(More)
The incidence of cervical cancer has declined in developed nations due to routine use of cervical cancer screening services. In developing nations opportunistic screening is the practice, and many women present with late-stage disease. This study was designed to ascertain the knowledge of the women in Nigeria to cervical cancer, their practice of cervical(More)
INTRODUCTION Cancer care is devastating to families. This research studied the informal caregivers' perceptions of burden of caregiving to cancer patients attending University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar. METHODS The research adopted a cross-sectioned descriptive design and 210 caregivers providing care to advanced cancer patients were(More)
BACKGROUND Nigerian parturients desire, but experience unsatisfactory pain relief as labour analgesia is underutilised and unpopular among skilled-birth attendants. OBJECTIVES To assess pregnant women's knowledge and willingness to use non-pharmacological labour pain reliefs. METHODS Using a descriptive cross-sectional design, a pre-tested, structured(More)
OBJECTIVE The attitudes of cancer patients from southeast Nigeria on disclosure of cancer information were studied to ascertain their information needs and what information was disclosed to them by their physicians. METHODS Structured questionnaires were administered on all consenting cancer patients that were managed at the University of Nigeria Teaching(More)
Pain experience, health service utilization and psychological coping in adult patients with sickle cell disease were compared cross-culturally between the UK and Nigeria. Patients in the UK experienced a significantly greater number of pain episodes and of longer duration, with more frequent visits to accident and emergency departments compared with those(More)
BACKGROUND The use of CAM by pregnant women is very popular in developed countries. The trend is increasing globally and lack of evidence of safety particularly when used during pregnancy may lead to complications. Pregnancy is a vulnerable period especially during the first trimester. There is scarcity of empirical evidence on CAM use particularly among(More)
This study investigated nurses’ use of facilitating and blocking communication behaviours in cancer care and the associated personal and professional factors. Using cross-sectional quantitative descriptive design and researchers-developed observation guide and questionnaire, data were collected by non-participant observation of 47 nurses working as(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Clinical training is an integral part of professional nursing education as it equips students with the required knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values needed for optimal practice in real-life situations. Inappropriate professional attributes have been observed among nursing graduates, while challenges to acquisition of clinical skills have(More)
OBJECTIVE This study explored the experiences and nursing support needs of women undergoing out-patient breast cancer chemotherapy in two teaching hospitals in Southeastern Nigeria. METHODS Using a qualitative descriptive design, based on grounded theory approach and focus group discussion (FGD) methodology, 20 histological confirmed breast cancer(More)
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