Agnes Nakakawa

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Although researchers report challenges that occur during enterprise architecture development (in general), there is lack of an elaborate description of those that occur during enterprise architecture creation – particularly if organizational stakeholders are to be deeply involved. Yet understanding challenges of involving organizational stakeholders when(More)
This chapter presents an explicit approach, that is both theory and practice driven, to support evaluation and collaboration activities when creating enterprise architecture. The approach will be applicable in addressing evaluation and collaboration related aspects in two primary phases of the Architecture Development Method (ADM) of The Open Group(More)
Before an organisation takes up a particular enterprise architecture design, there is need to consider and evaluate the possible design alternatives, and then select an appropriate one. This process requires a collaborative effort involving all key stakeholders in order to obtain an ‘acceptable’ solution. Therefore, in this paper we propose the development(More)
Challenges that are hardly technical, have been reported to occur during enterprise architecture development. To address those caused by ineffective collaboration between architects and organisation stakeholders, we are developing a method referred to as Collaborative Evaluation of Enterprise Architecture Design Alternatives (CEADA). Our method aims at(More)
Lack of effective involvement of stakeholders is one of the main drawbacks of enterprise architecture initiatives. Ongoing attempts to overcome this involve using Collaboration Engineering to develop a collaboration process that enterprise architects can execute to facilitate collaborative sessions with stakeholders during architecture creation. However, a(More)
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