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A prolific neuronal progenitor cell population in the anterior portion of the neonatal rat forebrain subventricular zone, the SVZa, is specialized for the production of olfactory bulb interneurons. At all ages, SVZa-derived cells traverse a tangential migratory pathway, the rostral migratory stream (RMS), while en route to the olfactory bulb. Unlike other(More)
Disc brakes are exposed to large thermal stresses during routine braking and extraordinary thermal stresses during hard braking. High-g decelerations typical of passenger vehicles are known to generate temperatures as high as 900 C in a fraction of a second. These large temperature excursions have two possible outcomes: thermal shock that generates surface(More)
This pioneer study filled up research gaps on differentiation and associations between various forms of online (general victimization, sexual victimization, individual racial discrimination, and vicarious racial discrimination) and face-to-face peer victimization (physical victimization, verbal victimization, social manipulation, and attacks on property)(More)
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