Agnes Jaeger-Lansky

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BACKGROUND Sclerostin is a soluble inhibitor of osteoblast function. Sclerostin is downregulated by the parathyroid hormone (PTH). Here, it was investigated whether sclerostin levels are influenced by intact (i) PTH and whether sclerostin is associated with bone turnover, microarchitecture and mass in dialysis patients. METHODS Seventy-six haemodialysis(More)
PURPOSE In this study, we tested the antitumor activity of the dual phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K)/mTOR inhibitor BEZ235 against gastric cancer in vitro and in vivo. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Gastric cancer cell lines (N87, MKN45, and MKN28) were incubated with BEZ235 and assessed for cell viability, cell cycle, and PI3K/mTOR target inhibition. In vivo,(More)
Laparoscopy is one of the most common surgical procedures in gynecologic medicine. Major complications associated with gynecologic laparoscopy are relatively rare, with up to 50% related to laparoscopic entry. Several entry techniques have been developed, all of which aim to provide a safe and easy entry to the abdominal cavity. In this article, we aim to(More)
VEGF receptor blockage has been reported to increase serum VEGF. We hypothesized that mTOR inhibition by everolimus counteracts VEGF induction by sunitinib resulting in an improved anti-tumor activity of sunitinib. In vitro, sunitinib in combination with everolimus did not outperform the respective monotherapies. In vivo, monotherapies reduced tumor growth(More)
Sphingosine kinase 1 (Sphk1), a lipid kinase implicated in cell transformation and tumor growth, is overexpressed in gastric cancer and is linked with a poor prognosis. The biological relevance of Sphk1 expression in gastric cancer is unclear. Here, we studied the functional significance of Sphk1 as a novel molecular target for gastric cancer by using an(More)
Endometriosis compromises the quality of life of countless women worldwide and is a leading cause of disability. Clinical symptoms of endometriosis can be very heterogeneous leading to a long interval between onset of symptoms and surgical diagnosis. A noninvasive, rapid diagnostic test is urgently needed. In this prospective study, we evaluated the(More)
The vaccinations against human papilloma virus (HPV) are highly effective in preventing persistent infection. The level of knowledge about HPV and the consequences of an infection with this virus are low in the general population and in patients who suffer from HPV-associated diseases. We aimed to compare the level of knowledge about HPV and about the(More)
The vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a central mediator of tumor-induced angiogenesis. Everolimus, a mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) inhibitor, decreases VEGF-secretion of cancer cells. Vatalanib is a selective inhibitor of VEGF receptors 1-3. In the present study it was hypothesized that dual inhibition of VEGF signaling by inhibition of(More)
Author manuscripts have been peer reviewed and accepted for publication but have not yet been edited. Activation of the PI3K/mTOR pathway is a common event in gastric cancer and correlates with poor prognosis. PI3K/mTOR inhibition by the dual kinase inhibitor BEZ235 provides a novel and promising strategy for more effective treatment of gastric cancer(More)
Background Gastric cancer at advanced stage of disease is a major health problem and the prognosis with the current therapeutic treatment strategies remains poor. PI3K/mTOR pathway mutations, especially PTEN, PI3K3C and AKT mutations and pS6 overexpression, are found frequently in gastric cancer patients and are linked with poor outcome. Thus, we evaluated(More)