Agnes Hofmeister Tóth

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In the frame of an international collaboration three competence based modules of teacher training curricula were selected to be harmonized for using virtual learning environments: basic teaching skills, computer mediated skills, and European collaboration. This paper gives an overall picture of VLE usage in Hungary framing the overview of our project(More)
Moderate, moderately severe or severe congenital, or early childhood hearing loss blocks, or damage the normal childhood speech and language development progress. This case for eliciting or correction of the speech development a special speech and language therapy is required. The goal of this paper is to introduce a possible Fuzzy Rule Interpolation model(More)
We investigate a communication setup where a source output is sent through a free noisy channel first and an additional codeword is sent through a noiseless, but expensive channel later. With the help of the second message the decoder should be able to decide with zero-error whether its decoding of the first message was error-free. This scenario leads to(More)
This paper investigates some of the key factors that effect the wine decision making process and explores the personal values and emotions of the Hungarian consumers and reports the result of the personal value based consumer segmentation. The empirical results of this exploratory research suggest that the personal values are a good tool to segment the(More)
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