Agnes Gerber

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The breeding goal for Simmental cattle is derived for intensively managed dairy farms. Its suitability for extensive farms was addressed by analysing possible genotype by environment interaction (G x E) between the management levels for first lactation milk yield traits. A first analysis was performed with the data collected from 300 000 purebred daughters(More)
Glycosyltransferases from the albumen gland of Helix pomatia could be used in tandem mode for the chemoenzymatic synthesis of beta,1-3/beta,1-6-linked oligogalactans. By employing recombinant trans-sialidase of Trypanosoma cruzi (TcTS) the formation of a range of modified Galbeta,1-3GalNAc derivatives could be terminally alpha,2-3 sialylated. Biacore(More)
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