Agnes Fatima F Pereira

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OBJECTIVES To investigate the potential of an active attachment biofilm model as a high-throughput demineralization biofilm model for the evaluation of caries-preventive agents. METHODS Streptococcus mutans UA159 biofilms were grown on bovine dentine discs in a high-throughput active attachment model. Biofilms were first formed in a medium with high(More)
This in vitro study aimed to analyze the effect of including xylitol into a fluoridated dentifrice to provide protection against enamel erosion with or without abrasion. Bovine enamel specimens were subjected to erosion or erosion plus abrasion (7 days) and the treatment with the following dentifrices: 10% xylitol; 10% xylitol plus 1,030 ppm F (NaF); 1,030(More)
This in vitro study aimed to analyze the effects of application of xylitol varnishes and solutions to protect against enamel erosion. Twelve bovine enamel specimens were pre-treated with 5% NaF-Duraphat varnish, 10% xylitol varnish, 20% xylitol varnish, placebo varnish, 5% NaF solution, 10% xylitol solution or 20% xylitol solution. The varnishes and(More)