Agnes Csiszár

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Biological applications like vesicle membrane analysis involve the precise segmentation of 3D structures in noisy volumetric data, obtained by techniques like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or laser scanning microscopy (LSM). Dealing with such data is a challenging task and requires robust and accurate segmentation methods. In this article, we propose a(More)
In this paper a rapid and highly efficient method for controlled incorporation of fluorescent lipids into living mammalian cells is introduced. Here, the fluorescent molecules have two consecutive functions: First, they trigger rapid membrane fusion between cellular plasma membranes and the lipid bilayers of their carrier particles, so called fusogenic(More)
Both the efficient transfer of functional biomolecules (i. e., peptides, proteins, and lipids) into living cells and cell surface functionalization are major biotechnological challenges that are imperative for cell biology research. With the latest developments in the field of fusogenic nanocarriers, we can now achieve the highly efficient and fast(More)
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