Agnes Chan

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— In this paper, we address the problem of countering the control channel jamming in wireless communication systems. Targeting control traffic on a system like GSM (e.g., BCCH channel) leads to smart attacks that are four orders of magnitude more efficient than blind jamming. We propose several schemes based on coding theory and its applications that can(More)
Competitions have been successfully used to build and organize communities aiming to solve complex computational problems. Recently, the winner of an open online competition to solve a complex immunogenomics problem has produced an algorithm that has a higher accuracy and is 1,000 times faster than the corresponding algorithm developed by the US National(More)
As applications of secure multicast in networks continue to grow, the demand for an efficient scheme to manage group keys for secure group communication becomes more urgent. In this paper, we propose a new key tree structure for group key management. With this optimal tree structure, system resources such as network bandwidth can be saved. We devise an(More)
—A traditional trade-off when designing a mission critical network is whether to deploy a small, dedicated network of highly reliable links (e.g. dedicated fiber) or a large-scale, distributed network of less reliable links (e.g. a leased line over the Internet). In making this decision, metrics are needed that can express the reliability and security of(More)
  • G Noubir, F Zhu, A H Chan, Iv References, G Noubir, L Von Allmen +3 others
  • 2002
In thispaper,weaddressthe problemofkey update for secure group communication. We focus on the case where multiple requests for join or leave are received withinshort intervalsoftime.Wehaveshown that there exists an optimal tree structure that minimizes the communication complexity of the key update. We introduce and compare several algorithms
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