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Osteosarcoma is the most common primary malignant tumor of bone usually occurring in young adolescent and children. This disease has a poor prognosis, because of the metastases in the period of tumor progression, which are usually developed previous to the clinical diagnosis. In this paper, a 2000-year-old ancient bone remain with osteogenic sarcoma was(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate salivary proteins with proteomic technologies to evaluate protein composition differences between samples with cleft lip and palate and healthy controls. DESIGN, PARTICIPANTS Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization tandem time-of-flight (MALDI TOF/TOF) mass spectrometry was used as a high-throughput analytical technique for(More)
The success of tumour therapy depends considerably on early diagnosis. Therefore, we aimed to develop a widely available, cheap, non-invasive, high-throughput method suitable for screening high-risk populations, at least, for early signs of malignant transformation in the oral cavity. First, in order to identify suitable tumour marker candidates, we(More)
The 5-year survival rates for cases of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) are only some 60%, mainly because 20%–40% of the patients develop a local relapse in the same or an adjacent anatomic region, even when the surgical margins are histologically tumour-free. Tumours are often discovered in an advanced stage because of the lack of specific(More)
The preparation of the so-called bonded phase liquid chromatographic packings is usually carried out by heating the silica, the silane, a catalyst, or a scavenger in an appropriate solvent (often toluene.) Due to the longtime of boiling, the procedure is time and energy consuming, and solvent intensive. The goal of this work is to present a simple,(More)
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