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An outstanding open problem is whether collective social phenomena occurring over short timescales can systematically reduce cultural heterogeneity in the long run, and whether offline and online human interactions contribute differently to the process. Theoretical models suggest that short-term collective behavior and long-term cultural diversity are(More)
Enterprise Papers Enterprise Papers are a mix of policy papers, sector-specific studies, and a combination of both. Written by the staff of the Enterprise Directorate-General, or by experts working in association with them, they aim to raise awareness of enterprise policy issues and stimulate debate. These papers do not necessarily reflect the opinion or(More)
Original research based contribution on public views on geothermal energy. Results show that geothermal energy might have conflict potential. Deep seated distrust in institutions, companies and decision makers. Reflections upon public engagement activities in energy policy making. a b s t r a c t This paper presents the results of an assessment of public(More)
We examine international public opinion towards stem-cell research during the period when the issue was at its most contentious. We draw upon representative sample surveys in Europe and North America, fielded in 2005 and find that the majority of people in Europe, Canada and the United States supported stem-cell research, providing it was tightly regulated,(More)
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