Agnès Traverse

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The chemical forms of zinc (Zn) in the Zn-tolerant and hyperaccumulator Arabidopsis halleri and in the non-tolerant and nonaccumulator Arabidopsis lyrata subsp. petraea were determined at the molecular level by combining chemical analyses, extended x-ray absorption spectroscopy (EXAFS), synchrotron-based x-ray microfluorescence, and muEXAFS. Plants were(More)
Because of its prominent role in global biomass storage, land vegetation is the most obvious biota to be investigated for records of dramatic ecologic crisis in Earth history. There is accumulating evidence that, throughout the world, sedimentary organic matter preserved in latest Permian deposits is characterized by unparalleled abundances of fungal(More)
Palynological studies of the nonmarine Newark Supergroup of eastern North America and of rift basins in the northern Gulf of Mexico facilitate correlation with well-dated marine sections of Europe. New information emphasizes the chronological link between the Newark basins and a Gulf of Mexico basin and their common history in the rifting of North America(More)
Palynologically productive localities have been found in the United States throughout the Newark Group basins, most of which had previously been assumed to be barren. Rich palynoflorules dominated by coniferous pollen of Circulina-Classopollis type, and well-preserved fossil fishes, including possible new semionotids, have been found in the Hartford basin.(More)
The diameter and size-distribution of Ni nanoparticles prepared by the decomposition of [bis(1,5-cyclooctadiene)nickel(0)] organometallic precursor dissolved in 1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium N-bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl) amide ionic liquids depend on the length of the alkyl side-chain of the imidazolium ring. The increase of the organization range order of(More)
The gem-grade jet found in Upper Cretaceous rocks of the Jet Basin, Wayne County, Utah, has been shown to be a vitrinitic, high-volatile B bituminous coal with aberrant chemical constitution. The residual structure is entirely that of taxodiaceous conifer wood. The abnormally high volatile content (62 percent) and low reflectance (0.25 percent) of Utah jet(More)
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