Agnès Saulnier

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The emergence of very large hierarchies that result from the increase in available data raises many problems of visualization and navigation. On data sets of such scale, classical graph drawing methods do not take advantage of certain human cognitive skills such as shape recognition. These cognitive skills could make it easier to remember the global(More)
With the increase of online resources, one main challenge for multimedia content providers is to provide efficient and user friendly tools for a deep and shallow navigation adapted to large scale audiovisual content. This paper describes a generic framework to build visual interactive applications the objectives of which are to enhance the understanding and(More)
This paper presents 3 interfaces to access video contents. The stream explorer allows to explore and to segment video streams. The video explorer shows a synthetic view of structured TV programmes. The collection explorer proposes cartographies of large video collections. Based on visual and textual automatic processing, proximities and redundancies are(More)
Who said What, Where and How? How are images, video and stories spreading out? Who produces the information? OTMedia addresses these questions by collecting, enriching and analysing continuously more than 1500 streams of French media from TV Radio, Web, AFP, and Twitter. Two studies on media produced by end users with the OTMedia framework are presented.
The growth of available online collections of documents comes with a growth in users’ expectations for retrieval services. Contextual representations and interaction processes are becoming a real challenge to accurately navigate among large amounts of data. This paper presents an intuitive framework for the creation of multilevel interactive maps of(More)
This paper presents criteria and methods which were used to evaluate the usability of several professional services within the European project ASSETS. A unified approach of user-centered method is proposed to test services at various stages of development according to their GUI or API access. The notion of perceived usability and utility are introduced to(More)
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