Agnès Morera

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BACKGROUND Catheter hub contamination is being increasingly recognized as a source of catheter-related sepsis. The authors have investigated the efficacy of a new hub design in preventing endoluminal catheter contamination and catheter-related sepsis arising at the hub. METHODS Adult surgical and intensive care patients requiring a subclavian catheter for(More)
INTRODUCTION Several studies have analysed the platelet parameters in human blood, nevertheless there are no extensive analyses on the less common platelet phenotypes. The main objective of our study is to evaluate the age and gender effects on 15 platelet phenotypes. METHODS We studied 804 individuals, ranging in age from 2 to 93 years, included in the(More)
INTRODUCTION Platelets play a significant role in arterial thrombosis and are involved also in venous thrombosis. The genetic determinants of several platelet-related phenotypes have been studied previously. However, to the best of our knowledge, the genetic determinants of other platelet phenotypes have not been reported such as platelet-large-cell ratio(More)
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