Agnès Maître

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We consider the problem of the measurement of very small displacements in the transverse plane of an optical image with a split photodetector. We show that the standard quantum limit for such a measurement, which is equal to the diffraction limit divided by the square root of the number of photons used in the measurement, cannot be overcome by use of(More)
Rodents are exquisitely sensitive to light and optogenetic behavioral experiments routinely introduce light-delivery materials into experimental situations, which raises the possibility that light could leak and influence behavioral performance. We examined whether rats respond to a faint diffusion of light, termed caplight, which emanated through the(More)
Single colloidal CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals are deposited at various distances from a gold film in order to improve their performance as single photon sources. Photon antibunching is demonstrated and the experimental curves are accurately fitted by theoretical equations. Emission lifetime and intensity are measured and found in excellent agreement with(More)
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