Agnès Grimaud

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Precise control of chromosome pairing is vital for conferring meiotic, and hence reproductive, stability in sexually reproducing polyploids. Apart from the Ph1 locus of wheat that suppresses homeologous pairing, little is known about the activity of genes that contribute to the cytological diploidization of allopolyploids. In oilseed rape (Brassica napus)(More)
Approximate Bayesian Computational (ABC) methods, or likelihood-free methods, have appeared in the past fifteen years as useful methods to perform Bayesian analysis when the likelihood is analytically or computationally intractable. Several ABC methods have been proposed: MCMC methods have been developed by Marjoram et al. [2003] and by Bortot et al. [2007](More)
The Equi-Energy Sampler (EES) introduced by Kou et al. [2006] is based on a population of chains which are updated by local moves and global moves, also called equi-energy jumps. The state space is partitioned into energy rings, and the current state of a chain can jump to a past state of an adjacent chain that has an energy level close to its level. This(More)
In the uncertainty treatment framework considered in this paper, the intrinsic variability of the inputs of a physical simulation model is modelled by a multivariate probability distribution. The objective is to identify this probability distribution the dispersion of which is independent of the sample size since intrinsic variability is at stake based on(More)
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