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Quail-to-chick grafting experiments performed during the third day of incubation demonstrate that somites can contribute to limb development. In orthotopic recombinations, migrating cells originating from the grafted unsegmented or segmented somitic mesoderm adjacent to the wing or leg field end up in the musculature respectively of the wing or the leg,(More)
The aim of this study is to test the ability of the intrinsic wing musculature to develop in the absence of somitic mesoderm. The experiments were performed on 2- to 2.5-day chick embryos either by replacing the somitic mesoderm adjacent to the wing field with a piece of 9-day chick embryonic midgut or by destroying, through local X-irradiation, not only(More)
If the somitic mesoderm of a 2-day chick embryo is destroyed by X-irradiation, the adjacent limb develops with a normal pattern of connective tissues, but is devoid of muscle. The innervation of muscleless wings produced in this way was examined in silver-stained whole mounts, fixed 3 to 8 days later. The main nerve trunks and their cutaneous branches(More)
La série des Etudes et Documents du CERDI est consultable sur le site : Avertissement : Les commentaires et analyses développés n'engagent que leurs auteurs qui restent seuls responsables des erreurs et insuffisances. Abstract This paper examines the causality relationship between immigration, unemployment and economic growth of the host country. We employ(More)
Number of experiments of our group (Chevallier et al., 1976, 1977; Kieny et al., 1979; Kieny and Chevallier, 1980; Mauger and Kieny, 1980 a, b) have led to the idea that the somite-derived cells which invade the somatopleural limb mesoderm constitute a distinct myogenic cell lineage. An idea opposite to the lineage view, namely that of the multipotency of(More)
The nuclear specificity of 12 day embryonic skeletal muscle cells has been studied in ectopic limbs that developed after implantation of quail limb somatopleural mesoderm into chick hosts. In eleven cases, the nuclearity of the myotubes was homospecifically of chick type. In the remnant eight cases, the musculature was heterospecific, the myotubes being(More)
The spatial distribution of myogenic somitic cells in the intrinsic wing musculature has been studied in heterospecific quail/check recombinants. The experimental procedure consisted in replacing at 2 days of incubation two consecutive or on single somite of the wing level of a chick host by homologous quail somitic mesoderm. Histological examination(More)
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