Agnès Bulski

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Recent genetic and biochemical studies have revealed the existence in plants of a fourth RNA polymerase, RNAPIV, which mediates siRNA accumulation and DNA methylation-dependent silencing of endogenous repeated sequences. Here, we show that Arabidopsis expresses, in fact, two evolutionarily related forms of RNAPIV, hereafter referred to as RNAPIVa and(More)
Loss or gain of DNA methylation can affect gene expression and is sometimes transmitted across generations. Such epigenetic alterations are thus a possible source of heritable phenotypic variation in the absence of DNA sequence change. However, attempts to assess the prevalence of stable epigenetic variation in natural and experimental populations and to(More)
Cytosine methylation of repetitive sequences is widespread in plant genomes, occurring in both symmetric (CpG and CpNpG) as well as asymmetric sequence contexts. We used the methylation-dependent restriction enzyme McrBC to profile methylated DNA using tiling microarrays of Arabidopsis Chromosome 4 in two distinct ecotypes, Columbia and Landsberg erecta. We(More)
Epigenetic response to stress in plants involves changes in DNA methylation, histone modifications, and expression of small noncoding RNAs (sRNA). Here we present the method of analysis of differential expression of sRNA populations using DNA tiling arrays. sRNA extracted from Arabidopsis thaliana plants exposed to pathogen elicitor or control plants were(More)
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