Agis Papantoniou

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The Semantic Web has a huge potential when it is used to organize market processes. The labour market is an excellent example where it can add value. By enhancing communication between employers and job seekers in the digital age, market processes become more efficient and more people can find the right jobs for them. The multilingual classification of(More)
The Public Spending (PS) project is the first attempt to generate, curate, interlink and distribute daily updated public spending data in LOD formats that can be useful to both expert (i.e. scientists and professionals) and naïve users. The PS ontology is based on the UK payments ontology and reuses, among others, the W3C Registered Organization Vocabulary(More)
The provision of publicly available open data leads to transparency in several public sector exchanges, spending and decisions. However, this information is served massively and heterogeneously mostly due to different bureaucratic procedures and paperwork formats, while its diffusion does not occur at regular or at least generally predictable time(More)
Microservices promise to vastly simplify application complexity. Tiny applications offering very specific functionality are easy to build and maintain. But how do you keep your models in sync? Is there a way to share the microservices between parties? By leveraging the power of semantic technologies, we can create an ecosystem in which many microservices(More)
ESCO--the multilingual European Skills, Competences, Qualifications, and Occupations classification--lets stakeholders in the EU labor market better understand information they exchange. Such semantic interoperability will help address the chronic mismatch between unemployed workers' skills and companies' needs.
We introduce the first formal rehabilitation robotics ontology, called RehabRobo-Onto, to represent information about rehabilitation robots and their properties; and a software system RehabRobo-Query to facilitate access to this ontology. RehabRobo-Query is made available on the cloud, utilizing Amazon Web services, so that 1) rehabilitation robot designers(More)
The simulation of FACTS ( Flexiile AC Transmission Systems ) is essential h order to provide insight on the interaction of FACTS, wind fm(s) and the grid prior to any application of such systenns. A typical wind f m FACTS arrangement ( Fig.l ) is considered here. Two FACTS devices are utilised. Firstly a dump load sheds the extra power produced, or is(More)
An approach towards formalizing the visualization of Semantic Web data is proposed in this paper. Existing APIs, like the Dojo Toolkit, the ARC RDF environment, DBpedia and Google Fusion Tables are combined in order to develop a "mashup" related to information and knowledge about the Mediterranean Sea.