Aggeliki Tsohou

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Workflow technology has been proven as an enabler for numerous benefits for private and public organizations. Including: cost reduction, efficiency savings in terms of time and cost, increased capability, faster processing, reductions in errors, and work iterations, service quality and customer satisfaction. Public sector has endorsed these benefits by(More)
Received: 22 November 2011 Revised: 05 May 2012 2nd Revision: 30 November 2012 3rd Revision: 15 July 2013 Accepted: 15 August 2013 Abstract Several studies explore information security awareness focusing on individual and/ or organisational aspects. This paper argues that security awareness processes are associated with interrelated changes that occur at(More)
With the widespread adoption of electronic government services, there has been a need to ensure a seamless flow of information across public sector organizations, while at the same time, maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability. Governments have put in place various initiatives and programs including information security awareness to provide(More)
This paper aims at creating a broad picture of security awareness and the ways it has been approached and also concerns, problems or gaps that may inhibit its successful implementation, towards understanding the reasons why security awareness practice remains problematic. Open coding analysis was performed on numerous publications (articles, surveys,(More)
System engineers are confronted with fast-paced technology developments, complicated contractual relationships, emerging threats and global security requirements, concerns for sustainability and viability of their ventures and a raft of other issues. In this environment, information technology-intensive systems in particular are exposed to risk and recent(More)