Agda Marobo Andreotti

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This study aimed to evaluate the stress distribution through the photoelastic method in implant-retained palatal obturators prostheses. Two photoelastic models with bucco-sinusal communication were fabricated, one model without implants and another with two parallel implants and one tilted in the molar region. A conventional obturator prosthesis and five(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of thermal cycling and disinfection on the microhardness of acrylic resins denture base. Four different brands of acrylic resins were evaluated: Onda Cryl, QC 20, Classico and Lucitone. Each brand of acrylic resin was divided into four groups (n = 7) according to the disinfection method (microwave,(More)
PURPOSE The mechanical properties of acrylic resins used in intraoral prostheses may be altered by frequent exposure to liquids such as beverages and mouthwashes. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of thermocycling and liquid immersion on the hardness of four brands of acrylic resins commonly used in removable prostheses (Onda Cryl, QC-20, Clássico,(More)
Ocular prostheses are important determinants of their users' aesthetic recovery and self-esteem. Because of use, ocular prostheses longevity is strongly affected by instability of the iris color due to polymerization. The goal of this study is to examine how the color of the artificial iris button is affected by different techniques of artificial wear and(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the effect of adding nanoparticles to N1 acrylic resin intended for artificial sclera, in terms of the color stability, microhardness, and flexural strength of the resin. Three hundred samples of N1 acrylic resin were used: 100 samples for color stability and microhardness tests (each test was performed on the opposite(More)
Patients with congenital malformations, traumatic or pathological mutilation and maxillofacial developmental disorders can be restored aesthetically and emotionally by the production and use of facial prostheses. The aim of this study was to review the literature about the retention and processing methods of facial prostheses, and discuss their(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of thermocycling and immersion in mouthwash or beverage solutions on the color stability of four different acrylic resin-based dentures (Onda Cryl, OC; QC20, QC; Classico, CL; and Lucitone, LU). The factors evaluated were type of acrylic resin, immersion time, and solution (mouthwash or beverage). A total of(More)
Tooth wear is a multifactorial process that is a growing concern in dentistry. This phenomenon can be caused by mechanical (attrition, abrasion, or abfraction) or chemical (erosion) processes. Etiologic factors in dental erosion can be due to changes in behavior, an unbalanced diet, or gastrointestinal disorders such as acid regurgitation, which may(More)
The purpose of this literature review was to describe the main features of phantom eye syndrome in relation to their possible causes, symptoms, treatments, and influence of eye amputation on quality of life of anophthalmic patients. For this, a bibliographical research was performed in Pubmed database using the following terms: "eye amputation," "eye(More)
The gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is one of the main causes of dental erosion. The aim of this case presented is to describe the prosthetic rehabilitation of a patient with GERD after 4 years of followup. A 33-year-old male patient complained about tooth sensitivity. The lingual surface of the maxillary anterior teeth and the cusps of the upper and(More)