Agavni Petrosyan

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The natural aging process brings about some inevitable consequences, such as olfactory dysfunction, which is also frequently linked to numerous neurodegenerative disorders. Many age-related dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease, Vascular dementia, Parkinson's disease, and Frontotemporal Dementia often display olfactory dysfunction. Despite the overwhelming(More)
Data are reported from a population of untrained individuals under lag- and single-click conditions in a discrimination suppression precedence-effect task. The cue to be discriminated was an interaural level-difference (ILD). Each of 91 observers completed 10 runs in a two-interval forced-choice design under a lag-click condition and three runs under a(More)
Methuselah is a Drosophila mutant with a 35% increased lifespan. We examined the robustness of methuselah's sensorimotor abilities in tethered flight as a function of age in experiments designed to test visuomotor synchronization and phototaxis in simulated flight. A total of 282 flies from different age groups (4 hours to 70 days) and genotypes (mth and(More)
Several studies have shown that cognitive intervention may be beneficial for people with Alzheimer disease (AD), but literature reviews conducted so far, have yielded mixed and inconclusive results. In this work, through an extensive bibliographic search, we aim: (1) to analyze the efficacy of cognitive intervention in patients diagnosed with AD; (2) to(More)
The ability to detect a dynamic change in the interaural delay of a pure tone in the presence of a distracter tone of a different frequency was investigated in four conditions: (1) a control condition in which no distracter tone was present, (2) the distracter tone was stationary (fixed interaural delay), (3) the distracter had an interaural delay that(More)
The ability to detect a dynamic change in interaural time difference (ITD) was examined for rates of change from 3.125 to 32,000 s/s, for stimulus durations from 0.025 to 16 seconds, and for extent of change in interaural delay from 50 to 800 s. The stimulus was a sinusoidal tone of frequency f Hz presented to one ear and f f to the other ear, where f , the(More)
Methuselah (mth) is a chromosome 3 Drosophila mutant with an increased lifespan. A large number of studies have investigated the genetic, molecular, and biochemical mechanisms of the mth gene. Much less is known about the effects of mth on preservation of sensorimotor abilities throughout Drosophila’s lifespan, particularly in late life. The current study(More)
A detection-theoretic analysis of the auditory localization of dual-impulse stimuli is described, and a model for the processing of spatial cues in the echo pulse is developed. Although for over 50 years "echo suppression" has been the topic of intense theoretical and empirical study within the hearing sciences, only a rudimentary understanding of its(More)
The auditory systems of humans and many other species use the difference in the time of arrival of acoustic signals at the two ears to compute the lateral position of sound sources. This computation is assumed to initially occur in an assembly of neurons organized along a frequency-by-delay surface. Mathematically, the computations are equivalent to a(More)
PURPOSE This study investigated the ability to use spatial information in mixed-modulated (MM) sounds containing concurrent frequency-modulated (FM) and amplitude-modulated (AM) sounds by exploring patterns of interference when different modulation types originated from different loci as may occur in a multisource acoustic field. METHOD Interaural delay(More)