Agathe Urban

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Yeast protein Yol066 (encoded by YOL066 ORF, also known as Rib2) possesses two distinct sequence domains: C-terminal deaminase domain and N-terminal part related to RNA:pseudouridine (psi)-synthases. The deaminase domain is implicated in the riboflavine biosynthesis, while the exact function of the RNA:Psi-synthase domain remains obscure. Here we report the(More)
Osteoarthritis is a disabling disease characterized by the articular cartilage breakdown. Aggrecanases are potential therapeutic targets for the treatment of this pathology. At the starting point of this project, an acylthiosemicarbazide was discovered to inhibit aggrecanase-2. The acylthiosemicarbazide Zn binding group is also a convenient linker for(More)
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