Agathe Koller-Hodac

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Knee rehabilitation therapy is a very important process to recover function after knee injury or surgery. The treatment objective is to reduce knee adhesion and regain adequate joint motion and flexibility. The key to successful knee rehabilitation requires to perform exercises regularly and in a very controlled manner. An important part in knee(More)
An automated process is described to assemble highly functionalized micro fluidic cartridges. Different materials such as glass, silicon and thermoplastics can be bonded using adhesive gaskets. The assembling and bonding sequence is realized at room temperature so that the biological function of the cartridge is fully preserved. Several control tests for(More)
Following knee injury or surgery, knee rehabilitation therapy is an essential step to recover normal joint function for daily activities. Physical rehabilitation can take several weeks or even months until full range of motion and joint flexibility are regained. Knee rehabilitation will lead to satisfactory results only at the condition that exercises are(More)
This paper is based on a current research project and describes the implementation of a simulation model, a monitoring and diagnosis system for a pump application in the burner industry. The objective is to improve the reliability and the efficiency of the pump system especially using the pump itself as a sensor. An important part of the project is a(More)
This paper presents the design and control of an actuated bivalve robot, which has been developed to study the burrowing locomotion of bivalves in sediment. The setup consists of a tank filled with sand and water, plastic models of bivalve shells capable of expelling water and an external actuation mechanism simulating the rocking burrowing motion typically(More)
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