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1. Vasorelaxant properties of three nitric oxide (NO) donor drugs (glyceryl trinitrate, sodium nitroprusside and spermine NONOate) in mouse aorta (phenylephrine pre-contracted) were compared with those of endothelium-derived NO (generated with acetylcholine), NO free radical (NO*; NO gas solution) and nitroxyl ion (NO(-); from Angeli's salt). 2. The soluble(More)
The effects of the outward rectifying potassium channel blocker, 4-aminopyridine, on contractile tone and on contractile responses to the spasmogens, 5-hydroxytryptamine and endothelin-1, were examined in pulmonary arteries (main and intralobar) and systemic vessels (aorta and mesenteric artery) from rats with and without hypoxic pulmonary hypertension.(More)
The effects of chronic administration of of ACTH (up to 36 consecutive days) on the mitochondria of the zona reticularis of the rat adrenal cortex were investigated by stereologic techniques. It was found that ACTH induces two phases of hypertrophy of mitochondria alternating with two proliferative stages, which are associated with a significant decrease in(More)
The effects of chronic ACTH treatment on the increase in the intracellular concentration of cyclic-AMP and cyclic-GMP acutely elicited by ACTH in the rat adrenal cortex were investigated. The results are consistent with the hypothesis that chronic ACTH treatment stimulates a) the de novo synthesis of adenylate- and guanylate-cyclase or b) the synthesis of(More)
1. Vasorelaxant responses to the nitric oxide (NO) donor, FK409 ((+/-)-(E)-4-ethyl-2-[(E)-hydroxyimino]-5-nitro-3-hexenamide ), were evaluated on precontracted isolated ring preparations of main pulmonary artery and intralobar pulmonary artery from rats. 2. On main pulmonary artery FK409 fully reversed the precontractions. Responses were inhibited by(More)
Proteinase-activated receptor (PAR)-mediated vasorelaxant responses were examined in main pulmonary artery preparations from control rats and rats exposed to hypoxia (10% oxygen) for 1 or 4 weeks to induce pulmonary hypertension. Trypsin and the PAR-2 peptide, SLIGRL, relaxed phenylephrine precontracted preparations, with maximum responses the same as the(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that Vegf-B contributes to the pulmonary vascular remodelling, and the associated pulmonary hypertension, induced by exposure of mice to chronic hypoxia. METHODS Right ventricular systolic pressure, the ratio of right ventricle/[left ventricle+septum] (RV/[LV+S]) and the thickness of the media (relative to vessel diameter)(More)
The effects of chronic treatment (up to 9 consecutive days) with 7,12-dimethylbenzathracene (DMBA) on the adrenal glands of adult male Wistar rats were investigated. Morphometry showed that DMBA provokes atrophy of the zona reticularis which was due to the decrease in both cell volume and number. The zona fasciculata showed only a decrease in the cell(More)
The effects of chronic administration of ACTH and dexamethasone on the morphology of mitochondria in zona glomerulosa cells of the rat adrenal cortex were investigated by stereological techniques. It was found that the volume of the mitochondrial compartment as well as the surface of the outer and inner mitochondrial membranes were significantly increased(More)
(1) On rat isolated pulmonary arteries, vasorelaxation by S-nitrosocaptopril (SNOcap) was compared with S-nitrosoglutathione (GSNO) and nitroprusside, and inhibition by SNOcap of contractions to angiotensin I was compared with the angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor, captopril. (2) SNOcap was equipotent as a vasorelaxant on main (i.d. 2-3 mm) and(More)