Agata Sakic

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An arsenic doping technique for depositing up to 40-μm-thick high-resistivity layers is presented for fabricating diodes with low RC constants that can be integrated in closely-packed configurations. The doping of the as-grown epi-layers is controlled down to 5 × 1011 cm-3, a value that is solely limited by the cleanness of the epitaxial reactor chamber. To(More)
A review is given of present and potential applications of pure dopant deposition of boron and gallium integrated as the p<sup>+</sup>-region in p<sup>+</sup>n ultrashallow junctions. Pure B (PureB) layers have been applied in several large area Si diode applications where nm-shallow junctions are required: high-linearity, high-quality varactor diodes for(More)
This paper places focus on the special properties of pure boron chemical-vapor deposition (CVD) thin-film layers that, in several device applications, have recently been shown to augment the potentials of silicon device integration. Besides forming a reliable an efficient dopant source for both ultrashallow and deep p<sup>+</sup>n junctions, the deposited(More)
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