Agata Piasecka

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Chlorella protothecoides is a valuable source of lipids that may be used for biodiesel production. The present work shows analysis of the potential of photoheterotrophic cultivation of C. protothecoides under various light intensities aiming to identify the conditions with maximal biomass and lipid content. An increase in light intensity was associated with(More)
A 11-years old cyclosporin-treated girl with nephrotic syndrome, complicated by severe toxic diarrhoea with excessive metabolic alkalosis and dyselektrolitemia (hyponatremia, hypokaliemia, hypochloremia) and transient immunoglobulin deficiency is reported. Ultrasonography shows thickeness of the colonic wall as a symptom of colonic inflammation. After(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the suitability of beet molasses, an agro-industrial by-product, as an alternative culture medium component for photoheterotrophic and mixotrophic cultivation of Parachlorella kessleri. Application of beet molasses improved microalgal cell growth and modified the biochemical composition of P. kessleri biomass. During(More)
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