Agata Mosinska

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Many recent delineation techniques owe much of their increased effectiveness to path classification algorithms that make it possible to distinguish promising paths from others. The downside of this development is that they require annotated training data, which is tedious to produce. In this paper, we propose an Active Learning approach that considerably(More)
Many state-of-the-art delineation methods rely on supervised machine learning algorithms. As a result, they require manually annotated training data, which is tedious to obtain. Furthermore, even minor classification errors may significantly affect the topology of the final result. In this paper we propose a generic approach to addressing both of these(More)
We propose a novel approach to reconstructing curvilinear tree structures evolving over time, such as road networks in 2D aerial images or neural structures in 3D microscopy stacks acquired in vivo. To enforce temporal consistency, we simultaneously process all images in a sequence, as opposed to reconstructing structures of interest in each image(More)
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