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Mitigation and herd immunity strategy for COVID-19 is likely to fail
On the basis of a semi-realistic SIR microsimulation for Germany and Poland, we show that the R0 parameter interval for which the COVID-19 epidemic stays overcritical but below the capacity limit ofExpand
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SILVEREYE – The Implementation of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm in a Design Optimization Tool
Engineers and architects are now turning to use computational aids in order to analyze and solve complex design problems. Most of these problems can be handled by techniques that exploit EvolutionaryExpand
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An information theoretic approach to reflectional symmetry detection
Symmetry is an omnipresent transformation in both nature and man-made objects. It is remarkable how human beings are capable of detecting and recognizing symmetries in the surrounding world withoutExpand
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Supply Chain optimization to Mitigate Electronic Components Shortage in Manufacturing of Telecommunications Network Equipment
A typical challenge in supply chain management is to deal with unbalanced demand caused by either a rapid increase in demand or an abrupt decrease in supply. This problem is particularly pertinent toExpand
Exploring the definition of art through deep net visualization
The definition of art has been debated for more than 2000 years and continues to be a puzzle. While scientific investigations offer hope that we might resolve this puzzle, machine learningExpand
Negentropic Planar Symmetry Detector
In this paper we observe that information theoretical concepts are valuable tools for extracting information from images and, in particular, information on image symmetries. It is shown that theExpand