Agata Mechlińska

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This tutorial review summarises the current state of green analytical chemistry with special emphasis on environmentally friendly sample preparation techniques. Green analytical chemistry is a part of the sustainable development concept; its history and origins are described. Miniaturisation of analytical devices and shortening the time elapsing between(More)
A laboratory experiment was performed to examine the remobilization of indicator polychlorinated biphenyls (iPCBs) from sediments and its results were applied to the real-world data for explaining the transport of PCBs in river. Seven PCB concentrations were determined in three series of model water-sediment systems (3 g of river sediment, three different(More)
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) can enter the environment from various sources. They are synthetic chemicals and as such are present in the environment mainly as mixtures containing various amounts of PCB congeners. It is therefore difficult to pinpoint the source of PCB emissions into the environment and the pathways along which they migrate there. The(More)
Bottom sediments are a very important component of aquatic ecosystems. The sediment matrix is highly diverse and heterogeneous; in consequence, compounds entering the aquatic environment from different sources are considerably enriched at its surface. Bottom sediments are regarded as natural sorbents, since they accumulate many harmful substances, such as(More)
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