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Because canine mammary tumours constitute a serious clinical problem and there are no good prognostic markers (only histopathological variables are used), the aim of the presented study was to find new malignancy markers as well as to identify intracellular pathways and biological processes characteristic for canine mammary malignancy. We compared gene(More)
Two hundred and eighty four patients with Down Syndrome (DS) were seen between 1951-1989. One-hundred and fourteen (40.1%) had a [corrected] cardiac murmur at presentation. A definitive cardiac diagnosis was established in 47 (41%) patients, of which 38 had long term follow-up. Fifteen (33%) patients had atrioventricular canals. There were 21 males and 17(More)
OBJECTIVE According to the current hypothesis, tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) are "corrupted" by cancer cells and subsequently facilitate, rather than inhibit, tumor metastasis. Because the molecular mechanisms of cancer cell-TAM interactions are complicated and controversial we aimed to better define this phenomenon. METHODS AND RESULTS Using(More)
BACKGROUND Tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) have high impact on the cancer development because they can facilitate matrix invasion, angiogenesis, and tumor cell motility. It gives cancer cells the capacity to invade normal tissues and metastasize. The signaling of colony-stimulating factor-1 receptor (CSF-1R) which is an important regulator of(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer spread to other organs is the main cause of death of oncological patients. Migration of cancer cells from a primary tumour is the crucial step in the complex process of metastasis, therefore blocking this process is currently the main treatment strategy. Metastasis inhibitors derived from natural products, such as, migrastatin, are very(More)
We reviewed autopsies in 50 consecutive cases of congenital heart disease between 1980 and 1988. Autopsy results were compared to premortem clinical diagnosis. The patients ranged in age from two days to 66.5 years with a mean age of 6.42 years; 68% were less than one year of age. The most common diagnoses were hypoplastic left heart syndrome in 16 (32%)(More)
This article reports on the development and use of carbonized, standard communication forms by pharmacists in a 150-bed osteopathic teaching institution. The use of these communication forms has resulted in increased physician awareness of the clinical services offered by pharmacy and standardized responses to recurring drug therapy recommendations.(More)
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