Agata Gluszynska

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The interactions of Tb3+ with the quadruplex-forming oligonucleotide bearing human telomeric repeat sequence d(G(3)T(2)AG(3)T(2)AG(3)T(2)AG(3)), (htel21), have been studied using luminescence spectroscopy and circular dichroism (CD). Enhanced luminescence of Tb3+, resulting from energy transfer from guanines, indicated encapsulation of Tb3+ ion in the(More)
Peroxidase-mimicking DNAzyme is one of the systems that recently gained a great interest. It has been successfully applied for designing numerous bioassays. The success of this system is connected to its advantages over a protein enzyme, horseradish peroxidase. Promising strategy for further improvement of performance of DNAzyme with peroxidase-like(More)
Dual-labeled oligonucleotide derivative, FAT-0, carrying 6-carboxyfluorescein (FAM) and 6-carboxy-tetramethylrhodamine (TAMRA) labels at 5'- and 3'-termini of thrombin-binding aptamer (TBA) sequence 5'-GGTTGGTGTGGTTGG-3' and its derivatives, FAT-n (n=3, 5, and 7) were designed and synthesized. FAT-n derivatives contained a T(m)A spacer (m=2, 4, and 6,(More)
Characterization and optimization studies of N-methyl-4-hydrazino-7-nitrobenzofurazan (MNBDH) as a new fluorogenic substrate in the peroxidation reaction catalyzed by DNAzyme are reported. The effects of pH, H2O2 concentration, metal-cation type, and the concentration and type of surfactant on the fluorescence intensity were investigated. The optimized(More)
Results of the steady-state fluorescence, anisotropy and FRET measurements of G-quadruplex formation in the presence of selected cations (Li(+), Na(+), K(+), NEt(4)(+) and Mg(2+)) are reported. Three different fluorescent oligonucleotides with human telomeric sequence labeled with fluorescein (FAM) and tetramethylrhodamine (TAMRA) were investigated: a(More)
Interactions of the G-quadruplex (GQ) DNA with two pentacoordinate lanthanide (III) metallacrown (MC) complexes containing phenylalanine hydroxamic acid (pheHA) and copper(II) ions of the formula Eu 15-[MCCu,pheHA]-5 (1) and Tb 15-[MCCu,pheHA]-5 (2) were investigated. Binding of both metallacrowns to human telomeric G-quadruplex DNA was followed using CD(More)
In this article newly synthesized azide derivative of hemin and DNA-hemin conjugate are characterized. Hemin-azide was purified using HPLC and characterized using elemental analysis, IR and NMR. The DNA-hemin conjugate was obtained via click chemistry [1] and click reaction was carried out using traditional Cu-catalyzed and Cu-free approaches. The final(More)
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