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Soil Dehydrogenases as an Indicator of Contamination of the Environment with Petroleum Products
The aim of the research was to compare the effects of various petroleum products, biodiesel, diesel oil, fuel oil and unleaded petrol on soil dehydrogenases, and to evaluate biostimulation withExpand
Effect of cadmium, copper and zinc on plants, soil microorganisms and soil enzymes.
Heavy metals when present in amounts equal to the geochemical background do not interfere with the soil metabolism, which is associated with the growth and development of soil microorganisms as wellExpand
Responses of microorganisms and enzymes to soil contamination with metazachlor
A greenhouse pot experiment was conducted at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, with the aim of describing the influence of metazachlor on counts and biodiversity of soil microorganisms,Expand
Applicability of biochemical indices to quality assessmnet of soil pulluted with heavy metals
The objective of this study has been to test a series of soil quality biochemical indices so as to select the one(s) that would mainly rely on enzymes participating in the processes of carbon andExpand
Response of microorganisms and enzymes to soil contamination with the herbicide Successor T 550 SE
The study has been made to determine the effect of soil contamination with a new generation herbicide on the abundance and diversity of microorganisms, activity of soil enzymes and their tolerance toExpand
Response of Fungi, ß-Glucosidase, and Arylsulfatase to Soil Contamination by Alister Grande 190 OD, Fuego 500 SC, and Lumax 537.5 SE Herbicides
This paper describes the response of fungi as well as β-glucosidase and arylsulfatase to soil contamination with the herbicides Alister Grande 190 OD, Fuego 500 SC, and Lumax 537.5 SE in theExpand
Functional Diversity of Fungal Communities in Soil Contaminated with Diesel Oil
The widespread use and consumption of crude oil draws the public’s attention to the fate of petroleum hydrocarbons in the environment, as they can permeate the soil environment in an uncontrollableExpand
Soil moisture as a factor affecting the microbiological and biochemical activity of soil
The purpose of this research has been to identify relationships between soil moisture and the growth and development of microorganisms, their diversity and the activity of soil enzymes. Four soilsExpand
Sensitivity of soil enzymes to excessive zinc concentrations.
The sensitivity of soil enzymes to soil contamination with zinc was analyzed. A laboratory experiment was performed on sandy loam at pH 7.0, sampled from arable land at a depth of 0 to 20 cm. SoilExpand