Agamemnon Baltagiannis

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LTE cell planning requires special constraints in case of smart grid applications. Cell planners decide about the cell coverage mostly based on worst radio conditions (cell edge) acceptable level of minimum throughput, but not on delay constraints which are of extreme importance for smart grid solutions. In this paper a semi-analytical approach for uplink(More)
This paper proposes a semi-analytical medium access control (MAC) layer model for the macroscopic analysis of long term evolution (LTE) uplink. The model takes into consideration the expected number of retransmissions arising from channel disturbances and the number of allocated resources so that to satisfy a required packet delay budget. The former is(More)
In contemporary and future mobile communication networks, variable services with different characteristics need to be served simultaneously. This paper proposes a novel mathematical model for the analysis of such cases based on a two-dimensional Markov approach. This model comprises higher order resource allocation and resource sharing with no packet(More)
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