Agacik Zafer

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By using a Picone type formula in comparison with oscillatory unforced half-linear equations, we derive new oscillation criteria for second order forced super-half-linear impulsive differential equations having fixed moments of impulse actions. In the superlinear case, the effect of a damping term is also considered.
Interval oscillation criteria are established for second-order forced delay dynamic equations on time scales containing mixed nonlinearities of the form r(t)Φ α (x ∆ (t)) ∆ + p 0 (t)Φ α (x(τ 0 (t))) + n i=1 p i (t)Φ β i (x(τ i (t))) = e(t), t ∈ [t 0 , ∞) T where T is a time scale, t 0 ∈ T a fixed number; [t 0 , ∞) T is a time scale interval; Φ * (u) = |u| *(More)