Afshin Shaabany

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Discrimination of rehabilitation diseases based on electromyogram (EMG) signals is a hot topic among the biomedical society. Although many attempts have been made to obtain the informative features from the recorded EMG signals, specialists have still not satisfied with the achieved results. Therefore, this paper is aimed at introducing an effective way to(More)
The practical utilization of object detection and classification, in high-performance structural mine detection or proximity fuses is somewhat impeded due to some complicated phenomena such as: existence of multiple wave modes, jamming, high susceptibility to diverse interferences, bulky sampled data, clutters and difficulty in signal interpretation. An(More)
Agriculture is the back-bone of country economy, where farmer source of income widely depend upon the farming. During the cultivation of crops, it require proper monitoring and due to change in atmospheric condition or the loss of soil nutrition these crops get encountered with certain type of disease. These disease farmer cannot recognize easily because of(More)
This paper deals with the stabilization of a class of uncertain stochastic hybrid systems. The uncertainties are norm bounded type. Under the complete access to the system mode a dynamic output feedback controller that makes the closed-loop dynamics of this class of systems regular, impulse-free and stochastically stable is designed. The state space(More)
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