Afshin Salajegheh

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— Web service composition is one of the most challenging problems of recent years. The number of service providers is increasing, and along with that for a request they offer multiple services with the same functionality, so it makes the problem of composition quite complex. In this paper we present several methods on service composition. We group them into(More)
Currently, all search algorithms which use discretization of numeric attributes for numeric association rule mining, work in the way that the original distribution of the numeric attributes will be lost. This issue leads to loss of information, so that the association rules which are generated through this process are not precise and accurate. Based on this(More)
Since the global demand for software systems and constantly changing environments and systems is increasing, the adaptability of software systems is of significant importance. Due to the architecture of software system is a high-level view of the system and makes the modifiability possible at an overall level, the adaptability of the software can be(More)
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