Afshin Saidi

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Desmoplastic gangliogliomas are rare mixed glial and neuronal cerebral tumors, especially described in infants below 4 years of age but exceptional cases have been reported in young adults. These tumors are generally localised in parietal or temporal lobes, present as a large cystic lesion with peripheral contrast enhancement. They also have characteristic(More)
This study aims to conduct an urban Community Oriented Program for Control Of Rheumatic Diseases (COPCORD) study in Sanandaj (Kurdistan, Iran). Sanandaj with a population of 311,446 (2006 census), Caucasian of Kurdish subgroup, was selected as the field. Sanandaj was divided into 100 clusters and subjects were randomly selected from them (50 subjects from(More)
INTRODUCTION Granular cell tumors (GCT) are rarely located in the perianal area. OBSERVATION Over the past 3 years, a 56 year-old man presented a papule of the right margin of the anus that had progressively increased in size (1.5 cm). Cell proliferation was located in the dermis and strongly expressed the S100 protein. It was covered by a(More)
UNLABELLED Synovial sarcomas are soft tissue tumors that rarely occur in the head and neck The purpose of this report is to accrue data on this sarcoma at a rare site, and to highlight the histopathological differential diagnosis with other cervical tumors. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two cases of cervico-facial tumors were reported in 26 and 27 year old women.(More)
To overcome the sand rats' resistance to cholesterol induced atherosclerosis, animals were given D2 vitamin at 2000 IU/rat per day associated with cholesterol-enriched diet for 45 days, following 45 days of high cholesterol diet alone. At days 0, 45 and 90, plasma parameters, aortic and heart morphology were examined. Other animals receiving a high(More)
Sarcomatous transformation in chordoma is a very rare condition and has been emphasized as a distinct entity because of its more aggressive clinical course. Here we describe a case of dedifferentiated chordoma arising from the skull base region of an 11-year-old boy, with tumor recurrence within one year. This tumor showed features of pleomorphic cell(More)
Clinicians order neurosurgery frozen sections in order to answer three questions: is the specimen tumor tissue? is it benign or malignant? what is its histological type? We studied the diagnostic accuracy of 1 315 frozen sections of central nervous system tumors, performed between 1988 and 1999, and compared it with data in the literature. Agreement between(More)
BACKGROUND No epidemiological data about central nervous system tumors in Morroco have been published. The objective of the present study is to assess topographic and demographic patterns of a large series of histologically confirmed tumors of central nervous system (CNS), skull and vertebral column, examined in the main neuropathology laboratory of the(More)