Afsheen Rajendran

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The focus of this paper is on interoperability issues to achieve data integration in distributed databases for geographic applications. Our concrete application is in the context of the State of Wisconsin Land Information System (WLIS). In WLIS, data is stored in XML using independently maintained local databases. However, answers to many queries must span(More)
and data warehousing. A chief requirement of data integration systems is that the differences in the syntax and semantics of the underlying data sources should be hidden from the user.2–5 However, data sources are often independently created and do not easily interoperate with other sources. The rise of XML as a data interchange standard has led to a new(More)
In order for data from XML heterogeneous data sets to be viewed and analyzed using a common application, we propose the mapping between each schema and a central schema. The demo uses the example of an application to visualize the US Presidential election results, to illustrate our approach. To minimize the need for human intervention and code maintenance,(More)
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