Afonso Rocha Martins Almeida

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When the assumption of homoscedasticity is not met for analytical data, a simple and effective way to counteract the greater influence of the greater concentrations on the fitted regression line is to use weighted least squares linear regression (WLSLR). The purpose of the present paper is to stress the relevance of weighting schemes for linear regression(More)
Homeostasis of lymphocyte numbers is believed to be due to competition between cellular populations for a common niche of restricted size, defined by the combination of interactions and trophic factors required for cell survival. Here we propose a new mechanism: homeostasis of lymphocyte numbers could also be achieved by the ability of lymphocytes to(More)
Animal production and health (APH) is an important sector in the world economy, representing a large proportion of the budget of all member states in the European Union and in other continents. APH is a highly competitive sector with a strong emphasis on innovation and, albeit with country to country variations, on scientific research. Proteomics (the study(More)
We here describe novel aspects of CD8(+) and CD4(+) T cell subset interactions that may be clinically relevant and provide new tools for regulating the reconstitution of the peripheral CD8(+) T cell pools in immune-deficient states. We show that the reconstitution capacity of transferred isolated naïve CD8(+) T cells and their differentiation of effector(More)
Identification of thymocyte regulators is a central issue in T cell biology. Interestingly, growing evidence indicates that common key molecules control neuronal and immune cell functions. The neurotrophic factor receptor RET mediates critical functions in foetal hematopoietic subsets, thus raising the possibility that RET-related molecules may also control(More)
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