Afolabi Oluwadun

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BACKGROUND Conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the conjunctiva, is one of the most common eye problems affecting all age groups in Nigeria. A better understanding of its epidemiology and the antibiotic susceptibility of etiologic bacterial agents is crucial for the initiation of preventive and therapeutic measures. This study determined the distribution and(More)
Occurrence of different viruses in acute respiratory tract infections of Nigerian children was examined. Respiratory swabs were collected from 246 children referred to hospital clinics because of acute respiratory symptoms from February through May 2009. Validated real-time RT-PCR techniques revealed nucleic acids of at least one virus group in 189(More)
Foodborne bacteria are often associated with human infections; these infections can become more complicated to treat if the bacteria are also resistant to antimicrobials. In this study, prevalence, antimicrobial resistance, and genetic relatedness of Escherichia coli among food producing animals from Lagos, Nigeria, was investigated. From December 2012 to(More)
INTRODUCTION The emergence of multidrug resistance (MDR; resistance to ≥ 2 more antimicrobials) in Escherichia coli is of concern due to complications encountered in treatment. METHODOLOGY In this study, prevalence, antimicrobial resistance, and genetic characteristics of MDR community isolates of E. coli from Lagos, Nigeria were determined. Urine and(More)
This study was carried out, to determine the post-harvest fungi of wheat circulating in Lagos State, Nigeria. A total of 400 wheat samples from eight major market of wheat in Lagos State, were collected randomly from the seller of this agricultural produce. The samples were processed using standard microbiological methods while the relative pathogenic(More)
This study determined the association of TLR4 Asp299Gly and Thr399Ile with uncomplicated and severe malaria among Nigerian children of similar ethnic background in Lagos. The association of these SNPs with high parasite density, malnutrition, hyperpyrexia and anaemia was also investigated. Genomic DNA of the study participants was screened for the genotypes(More)
The study included 125 clinically healthy pupils (group 1) and 125 clinical cases of dermatophytosis (group 2).The influence of dermatophytosis on some biochemical profiles and the haematological parameters was investigated using standard methods. No significant difference occur in the mean PCV, Total WBC, neutrophils, lymphocytes, platelets counts, and RBS(More)
Yogurts are ready to drink foods commonly taken for energy production and for health in Nigeria but there is paucity of studies done to evaluate their food safety. Therefore this study was carried out to determine the microflora of some available yogurts sold in Ibadan. Twenty types of commercially prepared yogurt products were purchased, from Ibadan in Oyo(More)
Asymptomatic malaria (ASM) has been implicated in the development of hemolytic crisis in infected sickle cell anemia (SCA) patients worldwide. This study surveyed steady state SCA Nigerian patients for ASM to investigate the influence of malaria prevention behaviors and age on parasitaemia and multiplicity of infection (MOI). A total of 78 steady SCA(More)
BACKGROUND Until recently, mechanisms of resistance to quinolones in Gram-negative bacteria were believed to be only chromosome encoded. However, emergence of plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance (PMQR) has been reported worldwide. AIM This study investigated distribution of PMQR in Gram-negative bacteria from a tertiary hospital in eastern part of(More)