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Enhanced biocidal activity of Au nanoparticles synthesized in one pot using 2, 4-dihydroxybenzene carbodithioic acid as a reducing and stabilizing agent
BackgroundThe conjugation of gold nanoparticles with biocides such as natural products, oligosaccharides, DNA, proteins has attracted great attention of scientists recently. Gold NPs covered withExpand
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Three new carbazole alkaloids and biological activities of Murraya koenigii
Three new carbazole alkaloids, mukoenigatin (1), bikoeniquinonine (2) and murrayadinal (3), were isolated from the aerial parts of Murraya koenigii, along with mukeonine-B (4). Their molecularExpand
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Synthesis of gold clusters with flexible and rigid diphosphine ligands and the effect of spacer and solvent on the size selectivity
Abstract The relationship between ligand rigidity and solvent polarity and the size and dispersity of Au cluster suspensions was investigated. Solutions were prepared which contained 10 −3 mol/L ofExpand
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