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Although present in both humans and chimpanzees, recombination hotspots, at which meiotic crossover events cluster, differ markedly in their genomic location between the species. We report that a 13-base pair sequence motif previously associated with the activity of 40% of human hotspots does not function in chimpanzees and is being removed by(More)
— Radioisotope imaging methods such as PET, SPECT and planar scintigraphy, currently utilize a fixed energy (pulse height) acceptance window regardless of the volume of the subject being imaged. This is despite previous work suggesting that higher window settings may yield improved image quality for imaging larger objects. However, we speculate that(More)
This paper highlights the relevant curricular and pedagogical ideas on how to evaluate students in learning computer programming. It explores the literature in the area of programming skills development towards constructive alignment in outcome-based education. Research on teaching computer programming has led to numerous practices, instructional theories,(More)
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