Affonso J. Accorsi

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The article describes the experience of the senior author over the past 30 years using the glandular dermo-lipo flap. The flap primarily provides an effective enhancement of the shape of the breast that varies according to the age of the patient, skin elasticity, and mammary gland firmness. More than 2000 patients have had this procedure, including those(More)
In the treatment of aesthetic deformities of the abdomen there are three points we should analyze: the skin, the fat tissue, and the muscles. Based on these points we can classify it into six groups. Midiabdominoplasty is indicated in the correction of deformities of groups 2, 3, and 4. A small fusiform resection of skin is done in the lower abdomen,(More)
According to the authors, this periareolar approach for correcting the tubular breast is especially effective in preventing recurrence. Maneuvers include transecting the constrictive ring, filling the generally hypoplastic inferior quadrants, and redistributing the glandular tissue over the breast base, correcting the constriction that is transversely(More)
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