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Building ontologies is very important for diverse domains and especially for semantic Web. We find in the literature many methods and tools for this building. However, the fuzzy aspect is not enough studied in these methods and tools, whereas information systems can include uncertainties and imperfections. The goal of the definition of fuzzy ontologies is(More)
Information in real-world applications is often vague, imprecise and uncertain. Ignoring the inherent imperfect nature of real-world will undoubtedly introduce some deformation of human perception of real-world and may eliminate several substantial information, which may be very useful in several data-intensive applications. In database context, several(More)
The conceptual formalisms supported by typical ontologies may be not sufficient for handling imprecise information commonly found in many application domains. Fuzzy ontologies are developed to overcome this problem. The implementation, inference and query of fuzzy ontologies gain more attention in recent years. This paper addresses fuzzy ontology(More)
The aim of this paper is to propose a new algorithm for Web services ranking. The proposed algorithm relies on a tree data structure that is constructed based on the scores of Web services. Two types of scores are considered, which are computed by respectively selecting the edge with the minimum or the edge with the maximum weight in the matching graph. The(More)
This paper discusses the mapping of the Fuzzy Semantic Model (FSM) into a Fuzzy Object Relational database Model (FuzzORM). We designed a set of mapping rules to transform all the constructs of the FSM into the FuzzORM. A prototype supporting these rules is under development over the Object-Relational Database Management System (ORDBMS) PostgreSQL. The(More)
RÉSUMÉ. Les ontologies floues sont destinées à représenter aussi bien des notions précises que des notions floues. Elles représentent un grand intérêt pour divers domaines, et en particulier pour le domaine du web sémantique. Elles constituent maintenant un axe de recherche prometteur, sur lequel nous avons situé nos travaux, en partant du fait que les(More)