Afarin Pirzadeh

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Personal informatics systems that help people both collect and reflect on various kinds of personal information are growing rapidly. Despite the importance of journaling and the main role it has in tracking one's personal growth, a limited number of studies have examined journaling in the area of personal informatics in detail. In this paper, we critically(More)
We developed an intelligent information visualization tool to enable public health officials to detect health-related trends in any geographic area of interest, based on Twitter data. Monitoring emergent events such as natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and terrorism is vital for protecting public health. Our goal is to support situation awareness (SA)(More)
The dramatically increasing use of IM and the lack of visual and aural nonverbal behaviors in this channel of communication have presented a variety of challenges and opportunities for researchers in the area of HCI and design. In this preliminary study, we, through design research, identified a group of text-based emotional cues users apply to express(More)
Emotion expression in text-based instant messaging (IM) has received little empirical scrutiny. The emotional message cues people use to express their different emotions in IM communication and how their personality traits affect those cues are the main focus of this study. Results of a preliminary study in IM suggest that in stressful situations people(More)
In spite of rapid growth of text-based instant messaging (IM) in diverse settings, emotion communication in IM has received limited empirical scrutiny, especially inside casual settings. The main goal of my dissertation project is to, through design research, critically examine how users communicate their emotions in IM and to establish user-centered design(More)
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