Afak Yusuf Sherwani

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INTRODUCTION Persistent Mullerian duct syndrome is a rare form of male pseudo-hermaphroditism characterized by the presence of Mullerian duct structures in an otherwise phenotypically, as well as genotypically, normal man; only a few cases have been reported in the worldwide literature. A great variety of organs have been found in indirect inguinal hernial(More)
Isolated involvement of the kidney is rare in hydatid disease and is even rarer in children. We present a case of primary right renal hydatid cyst in 6-year-old female child who presented with pain right flank of 4 months duration. The patient was managed by nephrectomy.
Bronchogenic cysts frequently occur in the mediastinum. They may be rarely encountered in the abdomen and retroperitoneum. Bronchogenic cysts can in fact mimic hydatid cysts. We report a case of retroperitoneal bronchogenic cyst below the right hemidiaphragm mimicking a hydatid cyst of the liver in a 30-year-old female.
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