Aekyung Moon

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With the advent of pervasive computing environments, the issue related to context-aware middleware is an emerging area of research. We propose proactive services on the basis of CAMUS (context-aware middleware for URC Systems). First, this paper presents the system architecture of CAMUS. CAMUS is a middleware for providing context-aware applications with(More)
With the advent of ubiquitous computing environments, a significant amount of work has been devoted to context-aware. We proposed the context-aware user model, which is aware of its userpsilas situation and recommends personalized services based on this information. This paper focuses on how our algorithms can be applied to a variety of environment easily(More)
A mobile ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of mobile servers and clients that can communicate with each other directly via wireless link in the absence of fixed wired infrastructure. MANET needs to consider specially data replication that is traditionally seen as a way to increase the availability, reliability and performance of transaction processing.(More)
In this paper, we propose the situation-awareness model for HKMP(Higher order Knowledge Management Platform) that has a capability to offer context-aware personalized services to user. HKMP is a platform that provides the higher order knowledge from the contextual information of the network and user ambient sensors through the knowledge processing(More)
Semantic web services provide a syntactic and semantic description about the capability of web services, so that users can discover and compose adequate services effectively. Semantic web services have a framework describing web services, support the ontology which is a base technology of data model, and were defined by semantic technology like WSMO, OWLS ,(More)
We propose higher order knowledge management platform (HKMP) that can support to provide the personalized services for the end users by means of evolving lower order network knowledge. HKMP helps 3rd party service providers to create personalized services considering user's context through the open interfaces for providing higher order knowledge. In this(More)