Aee-ni Park

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We present a learning-based method for the realtime synthesis of trajectories for character animation. The method is based on the approximation of complex movements by a small set of spatial movement primitives, or synergies. Applying kernel methods, such learned primitives are associated with nonlinear dynamical systems that, similar to central pattern(More)
Human movements and the collective behavior of interacting characters in crowds can be described by nonlinear dynamical systems. The design of stability properties of dynamical systems has been a core topic in control theory and robotics, but has rarely been addressed in the context of computer animation. One potential reason is the enormous complexity of(More)
The real-time synthesis of natural looking human movements is a challenging task in computer graphics and robotics. While dynamical systems provide the possibility to parameterize behavior in a flexible and adaptive way, the reconstruction of details of human movements with such systems is a challenge due to the large number of involved degrees of freedom.(More)
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